Art Deco Weekend 2021

Art Deco Weekend

January 14–16, 2021

Get a ‘native cuisine’ package at the discounted price and savor traditional Mediterranean cuisine at any time Dive into the Art Deco era with local enthusiasts in a three-day unique Miami-style evening party.

This January three-day street festival attracted more than 400,000 people. This music, art and fun event celebrates the Art Deco era and its heritage. You can explore the design, fashion, film, music, architecture, and history of that period through a large number of activities prepared for the weekend. Activities include walks, bicycle and boat tours, outdoor film screenings, fashion shows, lectures, antique and classic car parades. Of course, the best way to explore the art deco treasures of South Beach is to visit some of the buildings of that era and learn about their history and architecture.

You are also free to choose any dish from the rich Several walking tours are provided for those who want a deeper understanding of the subject. cuisine menu, available at our à la carte restaurant 24/7.

The family-friendly atmosphere of the festival also brings a lot of fun for the children. Watch or participate in numerous live performances with thousands of tourists. This is a grand street party, definitely the place you want to go, and Ocean Drive is the core of this event.

2 thoughts on “Art Deco Weekend 2021

  1. Lana Sierra Rocha

    Dishes I tasted reminded me of my father, who was a fisherman and always cooked finger-licking meals for us. Everything was very tasty, sea buss particularly.

  2. Jacob Davey

    We discovered new taste combinations that were unknown to us before

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